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ST. ANTHONY'S HIGH SCHOOL, NY Franciscan Brothers



ST. ANTHONY'S HIGH SCHOOL, NY Franciscan Brothers


ST. ANTHONY'S HIGH SCHOOL, NY Franciscan Brothers

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6 months ago


Many years ago, a teacher from St. Anthony's, Pete Gerrak moved down to Fairfax, VA and began teaching at Paul VI HS.  He immediately befriended Colonel Joe Gesker, who at the time coached the "powerhouse team", the Paul VI Panthers swimming and diving team.

Throughout the success of the Panthers, Pete kept bragging to Coach Gesker, "you think your team is so good... you have to see the St. Anthony's Friars!"

After hearing Pete brag (Yeah, I understand how that happens) Coach Gesker finally picked up the phone:

"Hey Coach, I hear you have a great team up there in NY.  How about having a dual meet?"

After my first thought:   "ROAD TRIP!!!!"

I then thought about reality.  Our boys were in season.  Not to disrespect those guys because they know I love each and every one of them, (some I still talk to!) but our boys team stunk. 

I can't brag and lose!  But our girls...  oh man, we were good!

So, I had the brainstorm:

"Well, Colonel Gesker, I'd love to but can I also bring my girls team?"

To my pleasant surprise:   "Of course, our girls are in season here, we are a full winter season for both teams" he replied.

AWESOME!!     **  ROAD TRIP!!!!

So we took our first road trip, our girls won, his boys won, and Paul VI won the overall... 

and the rest is history.  We've been going back and forth ever since 1998!

Joe Gesker became a good friend of mine and over the years we've shared so many stories about the incredible teams we've had and athlete's we've both been so blessed to coach.  I treasure his friendship as well as the stories of when he served our country in the US Army! 

** Thank you for your service, Sir!

Over the years, the Friars have had the pleasure of swimming vs Paul VI at:

George Mason University
George Washington Rec Center
The Madeira School
Georgetown Prep 
and the Holton-Arms School.

I love this continuing tradition.  The meet is so awesome!  Seeing SO MANY incredible athletes at ONE dual meet...  It's like having a college meet experience!  Something I'm very proud to say Coach Gesker and I started so long ago. (Shout out to Tom Golden who coached with me at the time and was instrumental in its success). The dual team dinner gives all the athletes an opportunity to talk and get to know each other.  Over the years I've seen the teams play games, dance to music, one year even had a live band that rocked the cafeteria!

One thing for certain, all the parents who provide incredible hospitality have to be commended.  None of these memorable experiences can happen without you.  No joke... EVERY athlete whether Friar or Panther never forgets the incredible experiences this team bond provides.

Enjoy the meet tomorrow... I'll be cheering for ALL 82 of you!

Meets starts at 5:00pm at Half Hollow Hills Pool

-Coach Dan
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