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ST. ANTHONY'S HIGH SCHOOL, NY Franciscan Brothers



ST. ANTHONY'S HIGH SCHOOL, NY Franciscan Brothers


ST. ANTHONY'S HIGH SCHOOL, NY Franciscan Brothers

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8 months ago

Hello State Champions!


For all those who love Swimming/Sports looking for the best place to swim....Who could ask for any thing more of a coach and team... True Friar Nation!

Back on Top!

How about THAT performance???!!!  

That’s right Friar Fans…  We are CHAMPIONS once again!  

Coach Scott and I took the drive together to the Nassau Aquatic Center… no radio on, just us reflecting on what we’ve already seen this team accomplish this season.  Eleven State cut times vs. Xavier; Eighteen (highest ever) State cuts vs. Chaminade, and sixteen vs. Fordham Prep. More “in season” cuts than the Friars have ever done in a single season.  We can’t wait to see what’s in store for us to witness over the next two days.

    It’s been three years since the Friars have won the CHSAA Championship, and once again, we are finally upon Champs Weekend.  This team has taken each challenge one at a time, one workout at a time, one dual meet at a time, but an underlying theme in the back of all our minds was to once again take the League Championship.  

“TIB” – Take it Back!  

    This team is battle tested.  We need to be because we will swim against the best.  We compete in the top league in all of NY State, and you can’t win unless you are prepared to give your absolute best.  Since 2016, this teams seniors and leaders have seen it all; close meets, Championship celebrations, and some tough losses to incredibly talented teams.  It’s a story; their story. Now they are embarking on the conclusion to that story with the best team in Friar history to back them.

    We [the coaches] discussed how excited we were after finishing the Champs lineup.  And I’ll be honest, there was input from not only the coaches, but the swimmers themselves.  Complete Team Effort! We all know it doesn’t just take your top swimmers to win the Championship; it takes an entire deep team.  After seeing it on paper, this IS a deep team. The excitement level is off the charts and everyone is on board. 42 Friars competing as One.  

    Day 113 into the season…  AND THIS TEAM IS READY!

Funny story: .... Want to know more about the story follow the link   and go to Bulletin Board
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