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ST. ANTHONY'S HIGH SCHOOL, NY Franciscan Brothers



ST. ANTHONY'S HIGH SCHOOL, NY Franciscan Brothers


ST. ANTHONY'S HIGH SCHOOL, NY Franciscan Brothers

Team News.

Team News

3 months ago @ 2:34PM

Swimming State Finals

That was by FAR... the greatest Trials performance I’ve EVER seen!

Across the board... best times EVERYWHERE!  Team camaraderie was at its best!!  You cheered for everyone in every race... That’s a TEAM!!!  
(I didn’t even see a lot of phones out!) 

Now today (2/10):  I’m going to ask you to do even better. 
Not because it’s my job and you call me Coach. 
Because more than anything, I want you to feel what it’s like to hold that coveted Championship Plaque over your head!! 
You swim in the top league in NY State.... BY FAR!  Now let’s go out and compete like Champions today and WIN THIS DAMN THING!!!!!

10:30am in our bleacher (they're allowing us in the pool early with the shorter warmup)
11:45 Senior Walk - Team Shirts!
12:00 noon - Finals Start

Hint: no jinxing but... I’d rather us be prepared than missing out. 
The tradition of this league is the Champions celebrate by jumping in the water together.... 
Friars, it’s winter, bring a change of clothes. Parents, bring a camera :)

We are ONE TEAM...
We are ONE FAMILY...
We are THE FRIARS!!!
LET'S FREAKING DO THIS!!!! - bonsai!!!

Team News

4 months ago @ 9:43AM

Senior Class 32-0 Dual Meet Record

The Friars have done it AGAIN...!!!
Seriously, Congratulations to all our seniors who have just finished their entire 4 year Friar tenure with a perfect 32-0 UNDEFEATED Dual Meet Record!  That's truly remarkable and certainly a Friar first.  That took buying into this program as freshman and wanting to be a part of what this family offers, contributing to this team as sophomores and juniors, and finally leading their team as seniors, leaving their mark on this team and paving the way for the future Friars to follow.  
Yesterday's meet was a perfect example.  I don't disclose what happens in our team huddle because that's between me and you [our Friars], but our first huddle was rising up to face challenges head on.  And Fordham Prep was certainly a challenge!  You didn't shy away, in fact, I'm most proud that you didn't even look scared.  You just stepped on the block with a job to do and you GOT IT DONE!
Event after event you performed brilliantly!
Our changed Medley needed a 2-3... done!
Billy Swartwout's awesome "touch out" in the 2 free... sick!
followed by Dylan's 1:45.10 and Stange's 1:46.07.  Are you kidding me?  How can any team compete with that?  All 3 are state cuts! 
HUGE shout out to Justin Meyn (the cheers you got from your teammates was SO well DESERVED!) **Without even flinching... Justin swam our 200 IM and 100 Breast**  dominating the 200 IM with a 1:55.41 followed by Ian with an INCREDIBLE 1:56.49...  Matt Chang with a 2:02.59.  No joke, 3 3 events in and we were setting the tone.  The Friars are without a doubt... the TOUGHEST team to swim in a dual meet!
And... how about Owen Glaser swimming a 2:05.36 in the IM, and even jumping forward to a 57.91 in the backstroke...  
the kid is what... 95 pounds soak and wet...  
(well, he is in a pool, so I guess yes, he's soak and wet...)
and pulling off times like that as a freshman???  AWESOME!
Josh Giardinelli has been ON FIRE for us in this main stretch...
killing it in the 100 fly with a...
51.76 in a dual meet!
Followed by teammate Mark Owens also with a State time of 52.39!
Moving Justin from the 100 free... we needed guys to step up...
Chris Stange (47.77) Joe Tonna (48.70) [not gonna lie, I love typing the name Tonna again...] and Trevor Griffin (49.93) got the job done.  
** How about Connor Sullivan ripping the pool up for a 56.33??  No wonder he beat me across the bay last summer!
(I want a re-match!)
500 free was INSANE!  total nail biter!  (thanks a lot Billy and Dylan) These guys battled...  (and so did Richie Chiarella)  
Me to the team on the side of the pool:   "GET RICHIE MOVING....!!!"
Billy Swartwout (4:41.41) Dylan Champagne (4:46.55) were incredible!
We needed stronger freestyle relays.  It was one of the 1st coaching discussions in preparing for Fordham.
Moving Justin to the 200 free relay... along to partner with Owens, Stange, and Billy was a perfect call.  That also strengthened our much needed B relay of Caleb, Griffin, Josh, and our huge anchor (also anchored the 400....) Dylan Champagne.  Dylan is always rock solid and you can't ask for a better guy to "get it done".
100 Back we were "sealing the deal" with our leader Ian Fitzpatrick showing how it's done with a 54.11, and freshman Joe Joe Tonna right behind him with a 55.21... and Glaser's 57.9.
That was HUGE.
What's unknown about Justin Meyn is he's not a one trick pony... he can swim it all!
Without flinching, his team needed him in the 100 breast, and he proudly stepped on that block in his Black and Gold cap.  Justin qualified for States with his 59.42, followed by teammates Tim Rupnarian (1:01.40) and Matt Chang (1:04.20).
(**  I loved the "fist bumping"... let's win this for MC... as the guys went to the blocks )
We scratched our "A" relay vs Chaminade... (that was our B relay that WON!) setting the stage for our 1-2 punch vs Fordham...
Killing it was Billy Swartwout, Chris Stange, Joe Tonna, and Justin Meyn (swimming 3 of the last 4 events) and our B relay Caleb, Ian, Josh and Champagne.... to make it official...
The Friars have once again defeated the Mighty Fordham Prep!
It doesn't get any bigger....  it doesn't get any sweeter...
To the poor Friar fans who couldn't make it to Fordham University:
You missed one of the greatest performances in this boys team history!
It was accentuated with the traditional "senior speeches" that commenced on the bus ride home.  To hear these guys (and in Regan's case, girls ;) ) pour their hearts out to their teammates.  For me, it's as special as any Friar Win!  
Reality is...
We have faced every challenge head on - one at a time.
So now, it's time to move past our glorious win and focus on our next challenge.  
I want to see our Seniors hoist that plaque over their heads!
Let's earn it gentlemen!  Back to work tomorrow morning!!!
We are NOT finished yet!!!
Take It Back!!!!
Head Coach Dan McBride

Team News

4 months ago @ 10:04PM

Championship Season Is Approaching

Our Championship season got kicked off to a great start on yesterday at Lehman College!

Our 4 Friars, Chris Carnevale, Sean Kotch, James Simon, and Jameson Zhu represented our team well at B Champs, and even finished 7th overall out of 14 teams...

with just 4 guys!!!

They started the meet placing 2nd in the medley relay.  We were running right up with the pack in the final heat, and the back half of the relay was just awesome with James Simon splitting 29.8 in the fly and Jameson just running out of room to win the event with 26.8 split!

Best times were showing up all day...

Chris Carnevale and Jameson medaled in the 50 free placing 4th (26.99) and 8th (27.53) respectively.

The 100 free showed more success with Jameson swimming his personal best 1:03.32 (9th) and James Simon killing it as he medaled 4th place with a 1:02.29.

Chris Carnevale rocked a 4.5 second drop in his 100 back and placed 5th just missing the A cut...

and our always giving 110% Sean Kotch dropped 3.5 seconds (only 1 second off the cut) in the 100 breast and went home with a silver medal!  It was a great meet guys...  Congrats on ALL your accomplishments!  

Huge shout out to Konall Keane who spent the day cheering on his teammates.  We had a blast!

Upcoming Schedule:

The battle of the Unbeaten, 2019....

We are down to the final dual meet of the season!  



Coach McBride


Team News

4 months ago @ 11:16AM

What a Friar Performance!!

What a Friar Performance!! vs. Chaminade
The Friars were looking to make a statement.  The way they were talking to each other with positive words of encouragement had ME psyched!  That's being a TEAM!!  
Bottom line:    Statement Made! We Won 
18...    [yes, Eighteen!] State cut times in ONE meet!
    Are you kidding me?    That's just incredible!
But, it's time to put the celebration into the back of our minds.
We enjoy it... we will NEVER forget it...
We move on to our next challenge.  Fordham Prep.
There has been no more powerful team in NY State in the last decade.  But, there is ONE team that has been able to beat 'em...
That's right, THE FRIARS!
Time to get focused.  We're bringing them EVERYTHING we've got! 
Tomorrow morning we go to work and hit the water at 6am.
This weekend the Championship season already begins!
We will be represented at Novice Champs (B Champs) at Lehman College this Saturday, Jan 19th by:
Sean Kotch
Chris Carnevale
Connor McVea
James Simon
and Jameson Zhu
Good Luck Gentleman!  
Coach McBride

Team News

5 months ago @ 2:31PM

How about that performance!

Talk about putting on a show!  

So we have these early "non-league" meets against some small teams.  So how do I light a spark to get these Friars to GO?  I challenge them.

I sent out a group message to a few of the guys saying:
"why don't we just get all three State cuts in one meet...?"

Immediately the responses start coming in...  "let's do it coach", "we've got this coach"... etc. Then the "like" buttons were hit, the "thumbs up" came in...  Ian hit the "loves this" button...  haha, don't know if it was him, but someone did!  Too funny.

Point is...  they got ME psyched!

Yes, we had practice in the morning.  It's not time to rest yet.  Not if you want to win a Championship, and not if your looking to beat two awesome teams like Fordham and Chaminade.  You want to beat 'em...?  You have to out work 'em first!

8:00 PM, our medley relay (Fitzpatrick, Chang, Owens, Meyn) got our first cut!  That was followed up by our 200 free relay, (Meyn, Swartwout, Owens, Chang), and finally our 400 free relay (Stange, Swartwout, Meyn, Chang), with a 3:14 I might add... 4 seconds under the cut, qualified ALL THREE relays for States in ONE dual meet!  

After morning practice, I looked at Coach Scott;

"do you think they're going to get em all?"  I ask him.
Coach Scott gives me that small half smile of his that I know is always followed by a great comment...
"they're gonna smash 'em all..."  haha  
I loved it!

There were other great swims throughout the night...
Regan's diving, holding it down by herself!
Chris Stange swam a state cut in the 100 fly with a 53.53. 
Justin Meyn led off the 200 free relay with a state cut in the 50 free with a 21.82.  
Dylan Champagne had an awesome 200 free just over the State cut at 1:47.  
Ian Fitzpatrick was flying in the 100 free 49.69, as well as Billy Swartwout in the 400 free relay with a 47.8 split.
Tommy Rosselli swam an awesome 100 back, 105.24.
Maverick Dettling already got his "A" Champs cut in the 100 breast.  

** shout out to Michael Chang and Justin Meyn for killing it in all three relays.

Great swims all around by the Friars!

Coach McBride!! #GO FRIARS!!

Team News

5 months ago @ 2:13PM

Boys Have 7 State Times

Great job at the meet yesterday!  This past week was our best yet and we'll keep improving off of what we have started. 

We had 7 State times in ONE dual meet!

200 free - Joe Tonna

200 IM and 100 free - Justin Meyn

50 and 100 free - Chris Stange

100 back - Billy Swartwout

100 breast - Michael Chang


Team News

6 months ago @ 11:19AM

Boys Swimming Season Opener

Saturday, November 10th:
That's right Friar Fans...Come see this awesome team hit the blocks already!
This meet vs Holy Trinity its  7:00pm start at Half Hollow Hills.
Head Coach McBride
Go Friars!!

Team News

7 months ago @ 10:32AM

Boys Swim Tryouts, Girls and Boys Diving

Tuesday, Oct. 23rd at 6am at Half Hollow Hills
All Grades Divers and Swimmers Welcome

**  Make sure you are cleared to swim/dive with the Appryse app!  NO exceptions!

DIVING Girls and Boys also on October 19th and or 26th 8PM 
Half Hollow Hills Natatorium  

All Gymnast Welcome to try Diving.
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