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ST. ANTHONY'S HIGH SCHOOL, NY Franciscan Brothers



ST. ANTHONY'S HIGH SCHOOL, NY Franciscan Brothers


ST. ANTHONY'S HIGH SCHOOL, NY Franciscan Brothers

Team News.

Team News

11 months ago @ 11:21AM

2019 Tryouts

Dear Prospective Cheerleader:

The cheer program is made up of three teams, Freshman, Junior Varsity and Varsity.  Freshman and JV cheer at home football and basketball games. Varsity will cheer at all home and away games. In addition all teams cheer at football and basketball championship games. Attendance for all cheerleaders at games is mandatory. Schedules will be given out at the beginning of the season to avoid conflicts. JV and Varsity also have a Competition team that will have tryouts in October. Cheerleading is both a Fall and Winter sport with tryouts for each season. Cheerleaders are athletes and exhibit cheers, stunting, tumbling and dance abilities at games and can be seen practicing diligently throughout the year, including summer months.

Cheer tryouts will take place on August 19, 20 and 21 from 2:00PM - 5:00PM in the Student Center. This tryout is for ALL 3 teams and attendance is mandatory! Freshman and JV students are eligible to participate on Varsity.

On Monday, August 19 and Tuesday, August 20, all prospective cheerleaders will learn a cheer and a dance, practice stunting, jumps and tumbling. On Wednesday, August 21 they will tryout in groups of four or more exhibiting what they learned.Please come in a white t-shirt, (no tank tops), black shorts, socks and sneakers. Hair MUST be pulled back in a high ponytail. NO JEWELRY! Nails must be cut short. NO GUM CHEWING.

Clearance must be done through the Appryse program on the school website prior to trying out. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TRYOUT IF THIS IS NOT COMPLETE!  

In preparation for the tryout and potentially making the team, stretching, conditioning and running should be the norm throughout the summer months. The Friar Sports Cheerleading Camp held July 29 - August 1 is a good opportunity to learn St. Anthony’s cheers and to prepare for the tryout. It also gives incoming freshman an opportunity to meet other freshman and build lasting friendships before the school year begins. If you make the team please be prepared to practice immediately as the football games start the first week of school. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. The athletic office will direct your calls to me. You can also email me at


Alysse LoPresti, Varsity Head Cheerleading Coach
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